Show FAQs
Posted: September 6, 2022

As the show draws closer, the questions are being asked! Here are a few things to help you plan before your arrival.

GOLF CARTS can be rented from Fore Wheeler Golf Cars – 405-682-4444 or order online

STALL MATS are available through Elite Stall Mat – 855-628-7200 or order online

FEED & BEDDING is ordered through the Fairgrounds Feed office – 405-948-6786 or order online

SCHOOL EXCUSE LETTER can be found on the AMHA Website

TRAINER CHECK-IN APPOINTMENTS can be made here. NOTE: If you arrive later in the week after the show has started, you won’t need to make an appointment to check in.

Acknowledgements will be emailed the week of September 12, so be sure to check your inboxes for them! Important information is listed and if you are missing any thing, it’s helpful to have it before you check in at the office.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the show!